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Discussion in 'Oakley Watches Discussion' started by dl1340, 3/8/16.

  1. dl1340


    Looking at getting a Killswitch stealth model. Like the weight , looks of this watch. I have a nice Ball watch, spacemaster that I wear to work on most days and a gshock that I wear to workout and run in, etc. I really don't need another watch but with them being discountinued and 40% off, if I don't get it now they will be gone for the most part unless you buy them used. Oakley vault store is holding one for me until I can get there Thursday. Thought I would ask on here, thoughts on this watch. Seen mixed reviews on here from the quick search I did.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Rusty M

    Rusty M Staff Member

    I have the carbon fiber/ti Killswitch and love the watch. Having all the bezels is a nice thing as well, being able to change up the look of the watch makes it a lot of fun and it's like getting a new watch!!

  3. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member


    i would say get them! i have some and i like them and the bezels are a damn cool thing!

    WELCOME to our community . . .

  4. Oakley-olic

    Oakley-olic Premium Member Lifetime Member

    :welcome: to the forum. Love the KS, the stealth was my first black watch. also the second. I like to customize and the switchable bezel fits in well with my watch obsession. Apparently switching the bezel wasn't enough.

    KillSwitch - 4686-1452136740-2cad6be5b703aa5043bb847aabe260d3.jpg

  5. Ragnar


    Ya it's a definite buy for sure. The stealth with the rose gold bezel looks really good! The bezels will probably be around a little longer than the watches so I would get the watch first before they sell out.


  6. teambabs


    Just picked up the titanium/Carbon KS, love it!
    Oakley-olic likes this.

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