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Kitchen Sink Variations


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Just trying to find out how may different variations of the Kitchen Sink there are and if they are all collectable? In talking to somebody working at the Oakley store he said they used to come out with a different color about every Christmas but that died down a couple of years ago and they have only been making the black one. Personally I have the all black, black with red, and white (storm trooper) bags and I'm always on the lookout for the red. I just found out somebody I know has a dark green, possible olive, and is looking to sell it but I don't know if its worth grabbing. I love the glasses but never thought I would be a collector of backpacks/bags. In addition to the KS's I also have a couple of bathroom sinks and a hot tub.

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How about this one picture doesn’t do it justice it’s a petrol effect changes colour

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