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Discussion in 'Oakley Apparel, Accessories and Goggles Discussion' started by music_man185, 7/30/11.

  1. music_man185


    the kitchen sink seems to be a very popular bag. so i'm looking for some feedback from the people that have it and use it. how do you guys use yours? i would use it mostly for trips and vacations. is it too big for an overnight/2 day camping trip? i'm planning on taking a 4-5 day cruise soon and thought it would be great to use then. i realize it may be a little too big for some occasions. but as long as it doesn't look ridiculous on my back, i would rather have the extra room and not need it, than to need the room and not have it. especially since this will more than likely be my only oakley bag. (except for maybe the large roller bag).

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    I usually take it on 2-3 day trips, and it is a perfect bag for such a duration. I also use it as a carry on bag when I am flying. I love the functionality and look of it. My only issue is it is a relataively heavy bag because of all the metal. The weight does not bother me but I have heard others comment on it.

  3. music_man185


    thanks for the input towsnbn.

    anymore input? i know more of you guys have this bag :)

  4. music_man185


    another issue i'm worried about is all the metal on the bag itself. does it cause problems with metal detectors.

  5. RYAN66


    you send it threw the x ray anyway so the metal isn't an issue, but if you think that is to big check out the bathroom sink bag.

  6. music_man185


    ok, that makes sense.

    since making this thread, i've looked at the ap 3.0 pack. i think i like the exterior design better than the kitchen sink. not sure how i would like the drawstring main compartment though and the fact that most of the smaller compartments are velcro. i would prefer zippers. more secure and more durable. it seems the stitching on the velcro would easily come loose after a while from having to pull them open everytime you need in. any feedback on this one for the same uses? or does anyone have experience with both and can comment?

  7. bigdog425


    i just picked up a kitchen sink! and all i can say is it looks like a killer pack. i know a couple people at my vault have the ap pack and the kitchen sink and they like both. so it sound like they are very close so it might just be what you like!

  8. Hed568


    Order it from Oakley.com now and you can still score a free sketchbook! I want those but seems like you can't get em without purchasing a qualifying bag

  9. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    you can find those sketchbook on ebay. . .
    much cheaper than buying a kitchen sink ;o)

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