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Kokoro Collection - Holbrook XL


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West Michigan
Went to the local vault (Tanger Outlets in Grand Rapids, Mi area), to order thru them so they could get store credit since I'm always going thru there.

Apparently they're not able to order from the store, it's either only online or one of their "full price" stores (guessing vaults that are in malls but not outlet malls, even though the retail price is the same). He thinks the earliest he'll be able to do it from within the store is next week, but mentioned I can always choose order via the website, I just won't be able to take advantage of getting half off a clearance pair in store.

I want to get the Holbrook XL Kokoro, and then put my Prizm Trail lens into them when I get them, was just hoping I could help out the local staff with some credit considering what I put em thru.


Oakley Collector
I tried to order a pair last night off the site and it was really laggy and then it was stuck at the payment option. Wouldn’t move forward past that so I’m not sure what that was about. Maybe it was a sign to wait to see if they go on sale...


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