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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by Forgoten214, 5/5/11.

  1. Forgoten214


    What are the largest pair of X-Metal's Oakley has every made?

    I'm thinking the Romeo 2.0s or X Metal XXs.

    Maybe X Squared?

    Pictures are welcome to anyone who has any X-Metal Porn. :mrgreen:

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  2. ronentr


    The Romeo 1's are the largest.

  3. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Yep...Romeo 1 is the largest. The XX is close.....and footprint wise the X Squared is a smidge smaller than the XX...but they wear bigger on my face due to the design.

  4. Forgoten214


    Really? I'd think the Romeo 2 would be larger so I'm told. Maybe its the closed lens design? Everytime I google the Romeo it comes up with the famous Tom Cruise Picture. They look a bit small on him. I'm not sure how big Tom Cruise's head is. But the Romeo 1s seem a bit on the smaller side. They still look good though.

    (By small I mean on the sides)

    What would you're opinions be?

    I attached some photos for reference. This is from the Mission Impossible 2 movie. :mrgreen:

    Largest Pair Of X-Metals? - tom_cruise_mi2_romeo.gif

    Largest Pair Of X-Metals? - Oakley-Romeo-Tom-Cruise-2.jpg
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  5. ronentr


    I've most of the X Metal models (except Penny's, Mars & Half X) and the Romeo 1's are by far the biggest.
    The Romeo 2's are roughly the size of the Juliet's.

  6. The Game

    The Game

    romeo 2's are wider than romeo 1

  7. Forgoten214


    Yea I called Oakley they told me the original Romeo was 60 eye and the 2 is 63 eye I think. Or something like that. I still dont understand completely how these measurements are taken. Also why isn't Oakley posting them on the website with all the models?

  8. FearGearGarage


    X METAL PORN ALERT........ Close eyes if you can not handle it....lol... Taking pics this weekend of Romeo's and Pennys... But here are some of the X Metal XX and Juliets...
    Largest Pair Of X-Metals? - julietcollection1.jpg
    Largest Pair Of X-Metals? - xmetalxxoakley0111001.jpg

  9. HJames2990


    Again, wow. If I had that many I'd take 7 of them and make them my day of the week glasses haha, then I'd probably save the rest and leave them for future use, say, 15 years?

  10. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    FearGear never seems so stop with the amazing, if i had that many X Metals im pretty sure my parents would disown me haha

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