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Got these from a good friend here. I happen to have extras that I won’t be able to use so I am paying it forward and they are up for raffle. These come with the mini easels as shown.

Pick a number and I’ll add your name to the list. When all spots are filled, these displays will go to the winner. I will even cover the shipping for those in Conus.

If you are outside the US, you may still participate and I’ll cover $5 of the shipping cost. The remainder will be up to the winner.

1. @iamFLIP
2. @Poeman4179
3. @Jakeracefox
4. @Tidezealot
5. @wei2009
6. @Chet Manley
7. @TheKid7
8. @Broccoli
9. @MatSteelersFan
10. @Juliemac07
11. @Beardo0628
12. @Lars
13. @Nortika
14. @docrusty
15. @BradyGod1569
16. @GRFMotorsports
17. @pjd1234
18. @Rick58
19. @reggavegga
20. @oakman1992
21. @andre-v8
23. @StG
24. @sratt17
25. @QLR1



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