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Sold LAST CALL $175 takes the rest — Big “Retirement Sale”

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** everything is now sold, thank you! **

Hey all. I used to be pretty active here on the forum, and over time I accumulated a decent little collection, but nowadays I just rotate through the same couple pairs while the rest sits in a cabinet.

I guess this is Part 1 of 2 of my “retirement sale”. Part 1 includes various O-Matter pairs, lots of cases, some microbags, and a few replacement lenses. I hope some of you can enjoy the stuff that I no longer use. In the next couple weeks, I’ll post Part 2 of 2 which will be my X-Metal stuff (several XX, custom cut lenses, donor lenses, ballistic cases, x-metal cases, and rubbers).

I’ve always taken meticulous care of my Oakley stuff, so unless otherwise mentioned, everything is in 9.5 / 10 condition and has only been worn a handful of times, cleaned only with Oakley cleaning solution and a microfiber bag or cloth. I would be glad to take more detailed pictures of a particular item upon request. If a pair comes with the box, microbag, or case, it will be shown in the picture.

Payments are to be sent PayPal G&S per forum rules. Shipping within the USA (via USPS) is included in the price of each item. Please PM for international shipping inquiries. Addresses must be confirmed status by PayPal. With the exception of small microfiber-bag-only orders, all shipments will be sent with Insurance for the full sale price. Reasonable Offers are welcome via PM. I am willing to discuss combo deals. I took my best guess at prices, but I’ve been away for a while, so if anything is priced unreasonably high PLEASE shoot me a PM (instead of blowing up the sale thread with comments). I'll drop prices periodically to move the sale along if needed.


1. Straight Jacket II *Custom Order* – Shadow Camo Frame / Polished Black Icons / Polished black bands / Black socks / Black Iridium Polarized lenses (no etching). Like new. $115 SOLD
2. Holbrook B1B – Matte Blue / Grey Polarized (MPH ?) tiny dot on one lens. $50
3. Crosshair 2.0 – Lead / Emerald Iridium Polarized OO4044-09. $115 SOLD
4. Flak Jacket XLJ Infinite Hero – Matte Carbon / Black Iridium 24-421. $85 SOLD


5. Flak Jacket XLJ - SI (Standard Issue) - Matte Black / Grey Polarized 11-435. Worn once. $80
6. Flak Jacket XLJ – Polished Rootbeer / Gold Iridium Polarized 12-904. The lenses have some small marks on the upper corners from mounting / unmounting. $65 SOLD
7. Flak Jacket XLJ – SGH Exclusive (Sunglass Hut) – Polished Black / Jade Iridium Polarized 24-365. I used to wear these a lot but they are still in good condition. New black earsock / notepad kit included. Calling them 9/10 condition with new rubbers. $70


8. Valve (new style) – Dark Grey / Emerald Iridium Polarized OO9236-11. $55 SOLD
9. Chainlink – Polished Black / G30 Iridium OO9247-02. $45 SOLD
10. Chainlink – Polished Root Beer / Bronze Polarized OO9247-08. $70 KEEPING

11. Infinite Hero Ballistic Case 100-271-001. $30 SOLD
12. Infinite Hero Coin with plastic case. $45 (or $40 with purchase of another item)


13. Square O Case – Carbon Fiber 100-971-01 *BNIB*. $20 SOLD
14. Chainlink – Grey Smoke / OO Red Iridium Polarized OO9247-10 *BNIB*. $80 SOLD


15. Square O Case – Brown 07-274. Hard to find. This is older and in okay shape. Not beat up but not perfect. $12 SOLD
16. Square O Case – Burst Orange 100-364-001. Rare. Excellent condition. $50 SOLD
17. Square O Case – Science Graphic 07-584. Rare. Excellent condition. $70 SOLD
18. Large Metal Torpedo Vault 07-255. $12 SOLD
19. Carbon Fiber Case (large, I think). $12 SOLD


20. Square O Case – Black Headliner 100-270-001. $15 SOLD
21. Square O Case – Carbon Fiber 100-971-01. $15 KEEPING
22. Square O Case – Tomato Red 100-270-004. $15 SOLD
23. Square O Case – Neon Yellow 100-270-002. $15 KEEPING

24. Square O Case – Pacific Blue 100-270-003. $15 KEEPING


25. Square O Case – Graphite 07-582. Used but good condition. $12 SOLD
26. Square O Case – White Headliner Graphics 07-899. Small area of light discoloration from a small drop of tomato sauce that wouldn’t come totally clean. Not noticeable unless you are looking for it. $10 SOLD

27. Square O Case – Drako Ops Camo 101-534-001 *BNIB* (also see matching microbag). $18 KEEPING
28. Square O Case – USA Flag 100-798-001 (also see matching microbag). $15 SOLD
29. Square O Case – Camouflage 100-363-001 (also see matching microbag). $15 SOLD


30. *CUSTOM Airbrushed* Square O Case Headliner Graphic & matching microbag. “BNIB” never used before or after being airbrushed. This was done for me by a forum member. The case looks really cool. The matching bag ended up a little blotchy at the edge of each airbrush pass as you can see in the pic. $50 SOLD


31. Elite Pit Boss I Case *BNIB*. $40 SOLD


32. Replacement Lenses – Flak 2.0 XL – Ruby Iridium Polarized 101-351-016 *BNIB*. $55 SOLD
33. Replacement Lenses – Flak Jacket XLJ – OO Black Iridium Polarized 43-337 *BNIB*. $60 SOLD
34. Replacement Lenses – Flak Jacket XLJ – Black Iridium Polarized 13-662 *BNIB*. $50 (or $45 with purchase of another item)


35. Camo Microbag (also see matching hard case) $8 SOLD
36. USA Flag Microbag (also see matching hard case) $8 SOLD

37. Letter Press Microbag 100-048-001 $10 (or $8 if purchased with another item)
38. Letter Press Microbag 100-048-001 $10 KEEPING
39. Jawbone ? Microbag $8 SOLD
40. German Flag Microbag $10 DECIDED TO KEEP
41. James Bubba Stewart Signature Series Microbag $10 (or $8 if purchased with another item)
42. Industrial Rust (?) Microbag $8 SOLD
43. German Flag Goggle Bag $12 KEEPING


44. Canada Flag Microbag 100-789-003 *BNIB*. $10 SOLD
45. Drako Ops Camo Microbag 101-535-001 (also see matching hard case) *BNIB*. $10 KEEPING

46. Letter Press Microbag 100-048-001 *BNIB*. $12 SOLD
47. USA Flag Microbag *BNIB*. $10 SOLD

48. Carbon Fiber Microbag *BNIB*. $10 SOLD
49. Camo Microbag (also see matching hard case) *BNIB*. $10 SOLD
50. SI Death Card (Standard Issue) 101-343-008 Microbag *BNIB*. $12 SOLD
51. SI Death Card (Standard Issue) 101-343-008 Microbag *BNIB*. $12 SOLD

LAST CALL $175 to close out the sale. Total value at the currently listed prices is $315. That’s ~44% off.

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Pm’d #13 and 18 if available

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PM sent on #19 & #25

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I needed 50 dangit

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Sorry guys, inbox was full for a sec, but I just cleared some room. I appreciate all the interest and orders so far. But y'all need to put some bigger combos together so I'm not getting nickel and dimed on shipping :lol: lol

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Pm #3

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PM sent #32

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Price drops across the board. All availability is up to date. Let’s get the last few things cleaned up! Willing to discuss deals if ordering multiple items.

If you ordered from me prior to last night, your orders are packed and will be shipped today. I’ll PM each of you to confirm and provide tracking if applicable. Thanks! :neo:

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