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  1. JayMann

    JayMann Oakley Collector

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    Hi all

    Thanks of getting my hands a pair of lead Crosshairs 2.0 and a pair of X Squared sometime soon. Liking the X Metal frame but i want the Polarised black Iridium leans seen as thou i can't get them in custom i'm think save paying all that money for a second set on lens i may just go for the Polished Carbon or Carbon that way i can get the lens i want but then i'm thinking the black leans and X metal frame will go well together i think it dose with my Juliet's in that combo anyway?

    Anyone got on pics of the Crosshairs lead frame and pics of the X SQ in the X Metal and black lens combo and also both of the Carbon frames please so i can see what they look like before i order them? :wink:

    Thanks Jay
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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