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  1. Hando

    Hando Oakley Enthusiast

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    I'm posting this in the Frogskin discussion thread cause I notice I do this more often with Frogskins on the bay than anything else (I purchase a lot of metals and old models too), it just seems that it would be easier to fake a Frogskin.

    Anybody ever browsing the bay and just find an auction that you can't be bothered to ask for more pictures or anything like that.

    Had to jump on this one.
    Oakley Jupiter Frogskin | eBay

    Pictures are horrendous, didn't bother asking for more pictures.

    Dude didn't have any recent feedback to weigh against, the only faith I'm placing in the auction is that he mentions the sticker. If they were fake and he didn't know anything about them, he may not know they come with a sticker. So.. anybody else do this? Ever get seriously burned because of it?
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. cdelly

    cdelly Oakley Beginner

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    Thats a great deal.. Hopefully its legit, I paid $46 for used ones with peeling lenses this wk, I hope mine are all good too
  3. jrd5497

    jrd5497 Oakley Enthusiast

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    nice grab. those look legit. hopefully they are in good condition
  4. ericforman

    ericforman Oakley Expert

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    I will make purchases like that if it is a good deal. I bought a Soviet Gascan that you could just barely even tell had the writing on the side. I've actually made a decent amount of sketchy purchases and have never had one backfire on me.
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