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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by Troy, 7/15/11.

  1. Troy


    Did (all) early releases of the Collector's Editions feature the product number on the inside of the temple? ie Matte Red, Trouble Trevor, etc.

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    I believe none of the Supremes had any model number printing on the arms other than the Supreme logo. The first few non-Supreme collectors edition released -- polished clear/violet iridium, polished black/grey, Rootbeer/bronze -- should have the model number and sizing info printed on the arms. The Trevor Andrews initially did not have any printing on the arms. It did not even have the Trevor Andrews logo. Printing was later incorporated into future shipments of the pair. Later collectors editions should have model and sizing info printed on the arms. With that said anything can happen with Oakley priting. I have had several pairs of Chantry Hijinxes and some had model number printing and some did not. I should not be surprised if the same thing happens with with Frogskins.

  3. Troy


    Thanks, my matte red does not have the sku or sizing info printed, however the box label is spot on to other boxes I have. it's 1 of the few pairs I bought off ebay a year or so ago and I just wanted to double check.

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