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Legit Site? X Squared For $171?


Oakley Beginner
oakleygosunglasses.com has X squared for $171 looks like a good site, does anyone know for sure? thanks
They are fake, if you go to their Return and Replace Policy found here http://www.oakleygosunglasses.com/page.html?id=17 they state

Return and partial refund
Our website cannot give a full refund for non-quality problems such as:
"The product is too big, too small."
"The product is not what I’d imagine it to be."
"I am not satisfied with this product."
"I didn’t realize before placing order that the items you sell are superior replica ones."
And other similar reasons
In 7 days (from the date products were received), if you request returning the purchased items because of the reasons above, you need to send back to us the products in original package (you will pay the shipping fees). When we receive the products, not only the shipping fees, but also we will deduct a certain amount of handling fee based on your order total amount and give you a partial refund.
6pm.com is also roughly $40 cheaper than Zappos on the same merchandise in stock too. For example my juliet polizhed/fire on zappos was $320 but they were $280 on 6pm.com Once they arrived I gave them a thorough inspection and they were in new condition since I had noticed it looked like they open the box. Probably to verify that everything was in the box.
From the site, sorry.....

Question: Do you ship to addresses outside the United States?
Answer: At this time orders may only be shipped to US States and Territories.

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