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Lens Coating


Oakley Beginner
I have an old pair of eye jackets. One day, I made the mistake of trying to polish the scratches out of the lenses, and used metal polish on the exterior of one of the lenses, and quickly discovered that there was a coating on the lens that I was rubbing off. The area I'd been polishing was different in appearance than the rest of the lens, and rather than leave that spot that way, I decided to remove the rest of the coating from that lens so that it looked uniform.
I recently brushed these off and began wearing them again. I got to thinking, what is the coating on the outside of the lens, does it have anything to do with UV protection, and are these glasses safe to wear as far as protecting my eyes? The eye jackets are long discontinued, so there's no ordering replacement lenses.

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Oakley Enthusiast
Premium Member
Chicago, IL
most likely it was the Iridium coating on, it doesnt effect the uv protection but it will let in more light. the coating is there to help reflect light off and help keep it out of your eyes


Oakley Enthusiast
Oakleyguy is right about the coating. The only other thing I'd worry about is visual distortion, since Oakley's are optically correct you may have changed the optics slightly. Depending on how much you polished the lenses. The earstems on Eyejackets are a bit fragile, I know I broke a pair and had to get them replaced. Now I no longer wear them, they're just for display. You can try the aftermarket lens makers for replacement (not sure if the have them for the Eyejacket) or maybe even custom cut your own.


Friend of the Frog
London, UK
Oldschool, there are afew guys on eBay selling bits for EJ. Loads of lenses. Alternatively, you could always get some custom cut from mframes or even googles. Google lenses do have a lighter base lens though.