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  1. MKO2012

    MKO2012 Oakley Beginner

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    I recently embarked on a mission to custom cut lenses for some of my old X-Metal frames. I had a dremel and figured what the hell.

    My strategy was to cover the donor lens (Big Taco for my XS) with painters tape, and trace a beater XS lens onto the tape. Once I has the lens traces, I used an razor to score the lens along the trace marks and peel away the excess tape. Then, the dremel took over.

    My first pair of lenses to turned out pretty good, but I'm wondering if there's any of you Oakley freaks out there that know a better DIY method to cut lenses! View attachment 138631
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  2. Mdgustaf

    Mdgustaf Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    What dremel tool did you use?
  3. kayana photography bali

    kayana photography bali Oakley Enthusiast

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    next time please add some video so we can learn from you ;)