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I kinda forgot to update this thread, but at the end I went with a Prizm Ruby from @Chris A Hardaway and I must say I like it.

First, the tint color is really nice, it is much more ruby than the picture shows.

Second, the Prizm tint makes greens pop, like really stand out, the world is much duller when you take the glasses off. It works very well in lower light conditions, at least for me. Just this morning, it was cloudy, the sun was just starting to come out, no issue for me with the glasses on.

Third, it goes without saying (though I'll say it anyhow) the top notch service from @Chris A Hardaway . The shipping, the packaging, the perfect fit and quality of the lenses.

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I've been rocking prizm snow sapphire lenses in my XS, my new favorite lense now, want to get some snow bi now, they work pretty good on cloudy and bright days for me

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Those are rad too. I don't own a pair... Crazy, but I've cut a few for others.... I always test them at least for a minute to make sure they feel optically true before shipping.

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