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OCP Flak 2.0
Matte black Frame
Team red icon
Redline sock kit
Road Prizm lens


Polished black frame
Prizm H2O Deep Blue polarized lens
* electric blue sock kit on order *


Polished with golf prizm (how they come from Oakley)


* I only have 1 Polished frame, I just changed lenses from deep to golf. Also, I have navy ear sock kit, but it's too dark and I'm going to return it. Which is why the electric blue ear sock kit is on order.

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I just ordered 24k lenses for my prizm road pair. :grin: I tried the lens on at the vault and I couldn't resist.
I think gold will combine well with the redline icons/earsocks and gray smoke frame.
Will post a picture here once its assembled so stay tuned...

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