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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Jay-Da, 3/4/16.

  1. Jay-Da


    Why is Oakley's literature regarding their light transmission rates so conflicting!? It's maddening...

    All the in store stuff I've seen has 24K at 11%, yet the website says 23%...! That's such a difference...

    Light Transmissions... - upload_2016-3-4_9-16-41.png

    Light Transmissions... - upload_2016-3-4_9-17-20.png

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. nlgrav182


    Where did you see the 11% part? It's definitely 23%; black iridium is down near 11%.

  3. Jay-Da


  4. kronin323

    kronin323 Premium Member

    Try o-review's lenses database.
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  5. flyer


    There are some anomalies there as well, but it's the best we have.
    I've been attempting to measure transmission through various tints with a light meter, and trying to rationalize the numbers.
    It's a work in progress...
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  6. reswob


    The lens chart that came with my Flaks says 24K Iridium is 13%. Irritatingly, it seems new pairs no longer come with the chart, and Oakley has taken it off the website.

  7. Jay-Da


    A new lens guide is now available on the website... Under Mens > Sunglasses > Lens Guide..
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  8. max4321


    Damn, I hope they're not killing off persimmon. Also, I don't understand Oakley's rationale behind which lenses are released for each frame. I.e. you had the full spectrum for the flak 2 only a couple of months after its release, but it has now been over a year and the selection for the jawbreaker (with switchlock) is still pretty poor.

  9. Jay-Da


    Yeah I don't get it either... I hope they aren't replacing VR28 BIP and OO BIP... that would be a shame.

  10. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Up until this thread everything I've ever seen about 24K has said 13%. I can attest to the fact that there's no way any 24K I've used is 23%- I'm sensitive to anything above 16% and I'd know if it was 23%. Now, that said? The lens table clearly states its 77% filtration- so perhaps they've redone 24K

    Which is possible- I don't know what Oakley is up to the last couple years but they seem hell bent on decimating their lens lineup: killing Emerald for Jade (don't think Emerald is dead?- it's not even in the lens table anymore), slowing killing off VR28 BIP (not in the table either) and Violet from what I'm seeing.... and don't think for a second that Ruby is safe- do we really think they'll be keeping Torch AND Ruby in the lineup? I doubt it.

    Plus they apparently think all their consumers are half blind and don't need sunglasses to actually you know...block the sun- Jade at 17%, Sapphire at 20%, this 24K if it is revamped at 23%, Torch 17%- and marking all of those for Bright Light. Really? When the company used to classify 12% or 13% for Medium to Bright suddenly 20% or up is for Bright Light? I can wear 13% when if cloudy and raining- no way 17 to 23% is for Bright Light.

    But yeah- it looks like they may have redone 24K and nearly doubled the light it lets through now; that's a shame given it's among their 3 best tints overall in looks and performance. Well...it was.

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