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I am looking for Limited Oakley's. I am looking for like new condition and as complete as possible. Also they would need to be shipped to Canada. I am trying to get a couple before Christmas.
This is some of what I'm looking for...
-Artist Series Mambo Antix, London Police Gas can, C100 Jupiter
-Jupiter Camo Fuel Cell, Frog skin, Jawbone
-Fonseca Antix
-Murray Fuel Cell
-Infinite Hero/SI Valve (OO9236-14), Frog skin (OO9013-51)
-Troy Lee Phobia, Love/Hate, Crankshaft
-And really any Jawbone /RJ (my favourite)
Really I'm looking for anything unique and awesome, so feel free to make suggestions.
Thank you

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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