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  1. mezzanine

    mezzanine Oakley Beginner

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    I'm trying to decide between these two versions of red from Linegear. I've read one person with the Garnet lenses complain that they often appear green when viewed at an angle.

    I read a review of the red mirror that stated the mirror was weak and that when viewed straight on the lens appears slate purple, and that the red only appears at angles. That sounded a bit like Oakley's +red which isn't my favorite lens for that exact reason.

    The red mirror seems like their most recent version of a ruby lens. I would prefer to go with OEM, but as this will be going into an XS the available ruby lenses are usually fruby.
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  2. TMan1787

    TMan1787 Oakley Beginner

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    I really like the Premium Red lenses they offer. Very similar, in my opinion, to the +Red Iridium. Some people complain about the optical clarity of them, but I think everything is crystal clear looking through them. They recently just came out with a Polarized Red Premium, which I would have ordered if I already didn't order their Red Mirror Polarized lenses first.