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Linegear Gold Lenses


Oakley Expert
I have a pair of 1st gen bone TI Romeos with linegear gold lenses .. I’ll take pics when I get home... I will say the mirror coating is fairly underwhelming

Ti man

I shouldn't work at Oakley
Nebraska, USA
I can't find a clean gold iridium donor. :(
Me neither. Not one that is reasonably priced. Once in a while an OEM gold Iridium R1 pops up.

The linegear gold mirror is a decent lens, it's thicker than Oakley lenses 8 base curve, but really nothing like gold Iridium.
I have a pair that are in my Xmetal XX's that I use for yard work.


Oakley Enthusiast
If the base color is different I'm fine with that, my R1 lenses aren't too bad. I was just hoping to get something that matched Oakley's gold iridium when looking at them. If they do, I'll probably try them out.

Or continue looking for a donor or replacement

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