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LINEGEAR Japan Corner, Q&A, latest update

Linegear Japan

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Update: Thank you for reading this thread. At LINEGEAR, we treasure the friendship and the support all of you offer. In our businesss, we go down to quality and we make sure our customers are satisfied 100%.

HOW TO GET OUT THIS THREAD: We write useful tip regarding X Metal, latest product from LINEGEAR, share worthwhile information & answer inquiries. So you may skip to the last page and if you can't grasp what is being discussed move back one or two page until you find original story.

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Konichiwa! Hello all, Linegear based in Japan which has been helping users of to revive expensive frame of Oakley X-Metal series for the last 8 years is here by providing custom made lenses, rubber parts and others. I am new to this web based forum.
Be sure to check our website which is 5% less than eBay linegear05 on eBay store & Amazon store.
Hope to have a good communication with everyone.

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Daisuke, Welcome to the forum, thank you for providing us with parts to keep the X Metal line alive. I am sure you will receive requests from special colors of earsock kits to questions about future manufacturing of additional unobtainium kits for the Romeo 2. We are happy you have decided to become a part of the forum. Thanks again!

A special shout out to @THE X-MAN for your assistance with talking with Daisuke and bringing him to the forum!

Ohayou Daisuke! Nice to see you here, we've done much business and certain to do more. I'm actually expecting a delivery from you today to complete a pair of X Man customs..
As stated previously we appreciate your efforts to offer unique replacement parts to keep these little pieces of art alive.

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