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By OakleyBoss on 2/12/16 at 4:21 PM
  1. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    This review is for Linegear’s Black Juliet Aftermarket Lenses. Full disclosure, Linegear wanted me to try out these lenses, and were brave enough to send a pair all the way from Japan.


    First up, I was impressed by the packaging, the lenses were boxed and wrapped as pictured below, and from on inspection had no scratches, marks or imperfections.
    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review - IMG_2333.JPG
    I spent a good deal of time just looking around these lenses to get the overall feel. Definitely feel light, but I was impressed by the quality.
    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review - IMG_2334.JPG
    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review - IMG_2335.JPG

    I popped these into a pair of Juliets and took them for a whirl. I will say they didn’t really have much of a mirror or “iridium” to them, which I usually prefer on lenses. Stepping outside I was really surprised just how dark the lenses were, something I always appreciate. I had no problem looking directly at the Sun with not even the slightest of a squint.
    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review - IMG_2350.JPG
    Linegear Oakley Juliet NXT Lens Review - IMG_2354.JPG

    Ended up meeting up with a buddy later that evening who tried them out and fell in love with the lenses. Unfortunately he ended up stealing these for the “evening”, and has conveniently not seen me since J. Also unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to take and pics of these lenses in my Juliets – but will be sure to take some when he’s lucky enough to see me again!

    In the interim, I suggest checking out some of the other reviews on these and the amazing pics from member @cajun22 !

    Linegear Aftermarket Lens

    As always - Feel free to ask any questions!
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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by OakleyBoss, 2/12/16.

    1. joecool862

      joecool862 Keeper of the Skull Premium Member Lifetime Member

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      Hopefully you get those lenses back soon Boss! I really appreciate the quality and care that Linegear puts into their products. If I can't get OEM (let's be honest, even though sometimes it's possible, it's not always economically feasible) then I opt for Linegear. Their customer service is also top notch and they respond to questions very quickly. Hope you get to spend a little more time with those lenses, haha!
    2. OakleyBoss

      OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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      Gotta agree with you there - couldn't believe how flawless the lenses were when they arrived. Tried to capture it in the closeup pics, but still don't think I did them justice!
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    3. Wicked

      Wicked Oakley Expert Premium Member

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      How was the fit installing them into the Frame? Did you try different frame?
    4. Slojack

      Slojack Oakley Collector Premium Member

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      Linegear wish list: VR28 BIP lenses for all XMetals.
    5. Rare_Earth

      Rare_Earth Oakley Beginner

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      Less than 12 hours ago, i received my latest linegear order .

      Personally, most of my frames are used everyday with their linegear lens installed. Their designated Oakley lenses remain safely stored, for the day when I may need to sell them. I haven't used the latest nxt lenses from linegear yet, but have always appreciated the slightly heavier poly carbonate and the added impact protection, coupled with the indestructibility of any x metal frame.

      I have no doubt the fit, finish and customer service will be the usual Linegear standard; excellent!
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    6. OakleyFrankFMJ

      OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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      I'm gonna call your friend "Carl"

      I have a feeling it's gonna be a while before you see "Carl" again. ;)
    7. xmetalmaniac

      xmetalmaniac Made of Metal Premium Member Lifetime Member

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      Ok, linegear contacted me and asked me to try out a pair of their NXT lenses. I am not the type of person that uses aftermarket lenses but since they asked me for my opinion, I told I would give them a try. My eyes are sensitive to picking up distortion easily as this is why I stay away from non Oakley lenses. I had the opportunity to use my set they sent for approx three weeks. I will say I was skeptical but after a few days using them I was quite surprised that they were comfortable and pleasant to wear. I made contact with an optometrist who allowed me to test them against an OEM Juliet lens. I was surprised that they were better then expected. I am going to continue using them and see how they hold up. They are a thicker lens and the quality seems to be better over most I have seen. As soon as I have more to report I will post an update.
    8. heyitsme

      heyitsme Oakley Beginner

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      Thanks for the reviews! They convinced me to give them a try and I just placed my order. I've tried cheaper brands in the past and wasn't that impressed so it was a tossup between Linegear, custom cuts or NOS Oakley lenses.
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    9. Oakley G

      Oakley G Oakley Enthusiast

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      I took a look at the marketing for the NXT lenses, and it hints that it's a Trivex-based lens. If this is actually true then the lenses should be even better than polycarbonate lenses.
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