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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    3/9 UPDATE: Price drop on all remaining Frogskins. Free shipping via USPS Priority to any US address included in price!
    2/17 UPDATE: As some of the more collectible items have been sold and interest is slowing, I'll be putting batches of the remaining Frogskins up on eBay soon. If you are considering a purchase of any of the remaining pieces below please let me know ASAP before they're released to the wolves. Reasonable offers will be considered, especially for multi-item purchases. Thanks for your interest and to all of you who've inquired and/or purchased!
    Hello fellow O-fiends..

    A cash crunch and forthcoming relocation has caused me to reevaluate my (rather significant) collection of Frogskins, including a few rare and/or unusual items. And as I'd like to see these go to folks who will most appreciate them, I've decided to give the OakleyForum.com community first crack. All of these items are 100% genuine, brand new condition in original packaging, never worn. All items are in the classic clear Frogskins-specific box circa 2007-2012 unless otherwise noted. Special editions are in special packaging/microbags exactly as they were released from Oakley when new.

    Due to the laundry list of items I'm only providing descriptions including part numbers (when available) and pricing below. Please PM me for more information as desired and I will be more than happy to provide images upon request via email. First come, first served, no bidding wars please.

    Regarding the price: All numbers represented below are my best estimate of fair market value based on recent eBay transaction history and commentary in the forum threads. I'll consider any reasonable offers and will most certainly provide multiple item discounts.

    Payment will be via PayPal F&F (confirmed addresses only) and all items will ship via USPS Priority Mail at published rates. International deliveries will be marked as "gift" for customs purposes. If you wish to transact with buyer/seller protection please add 4% to cover the associated PayPal juice.

    Authenticity: As some of these are high-value special editions I can appreciate the concern for potential fraud. I am more than happy to communicate directly and will help to provide backup information or other means of proof to ensure buyer confidence as needed. All items have original Oakley barcode labels on the box except for special editions that were issued without part numbers.

    Without further ado here is the list of goods, happy hunting...
    • 03-147 - Matte Red w/Grey $110
    • 03-148 - Matte Rootbeer w/Fire Iridium $110
    • 03-210 - Crystal Black w/+Red Iridium $88
    • 03-253 - Polished Black w/Ruby Iridium $88
    • 24-256 - "Smog Collection" Smog Plaid w/Grey (2 pair available) $100 ea.
    • 24-257 - "Smog Collection" Smog Tortoise w/Grey (2 pair available) $100 ea.
    • 24-258 - "Smog Collection" Smog Text w/Grey $88
    • 03-249 - "Acid Rain Collection" Acid Green w/Grey $88
    • 03-252 - "Acid Rain Collection" Acid Orange w/Grey $88
    • 03-253 - "Acid Rain Collection" Acid Black w/Grey $88
    • no part # - Customized Acid Tortoise Green frame w/Jade Iridium lenses (includes Acid Rain Collection microbag, no box) $88
    • 03-209 - Matte White w/Gold Iridium SOLD
    • no part # - MODA 3 Black Splatter Paint w/Black Iridium SOLD
    • 03-114 - Supreme Matte Black w/Violet Iridium SOLD
    • 03-201 - Greg Lutzka Matte White w/Violet Iridium SOLD
    • 03-203 - Wildberry n' Milk w/Grey SOLD
    • 24-240 - Grenade "Watermelon" Fade w/Black Iridium SOLD
    • 24-237 - Marine Fade w/Blue Iridium SOLD
    • 24-215 - Fire Flora Fade w/Ruby Iridium SOLD
    • 03-217 - "4-Legged Frogs" Turquoise/White w/Grey SOLD
    • 03-218 - "4-Legged Frogs" Matte Denim/Grey w/Grey SOLD
    • 24-375 - "Craftsman Collection" Skate Deck Red/Blue w/Grey SOLD
    • 03-200 - Neon Yellow w/Fire Iridium SOLD
    • 24-243 - "Blue & Red Collection" Crystal Blue w/Grey SOLD
    • 03-150 - Matte Grey w/Grey SOLD
    • 03-113 - Supreme Polished White w/24k Iridium SOLD
    • 24-164 - Grenade Matte Dark Olive w/Gold Iridium SOLD
    • no part # - Cult B-1B Matte White w/Grey (with Cult/Oakley Flick Trix finger bike) SOLD
    • 03-112 - Supreme White City Print w/Black Iridium (slight dent in box) SOLD
    • 03-220 - 4-Legged Frogs Matte Grey/Purple w/Violet Iridium SOLD
    • 24-205 - Anti-Freeze w/Black Iridium SOLD
    • 24-222 - 4-Legged B-1B Matte White w/Blue Iridium SOLD
    • no part # - Valentine's Day SOLD
    • no part # - "Raw" Smog Collection Grey frame w/Grey SOLD
    • 03-110 - Supreme Crystal Red w/+Red Iridium SOLD
    • 03-111 - Supreme Matte Royal Blue w/Fire Iridium SOLD
    • 03-213 - KAWS/OriginalFake Crystal Black w/Slate Iridium SOLD
    • 03-216 - KAWS/OriginalFake Rootbeer w/Bronze SOLD
    • 03-151 - Dalmation w/Grey SOLD
    Liquidating my sizable Frogskins collection *Sale Closed* - 2rwkr5v.jpg
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM moda and supreme white
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM'd on Matte Rootbeer/Fire
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous JFL lover

    Pm sent
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM sent on Royal Blue supreme and Polished White Supreme
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM sent regarding St Valentine's Day and Raw Smog.
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  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Interested in the vday if you and rvf do not make a deal @AndyO
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    sick. RVF is all over that. years in the making
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  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pm on Kaws
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