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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Mark Southwell, 9/10/17.

  1. Mark Southwell

    Mark Southwell Premium Member


    been collecting for quite a while now, well I think so, but probably still a newbie compared to some. Anyway I was looking around and couldn't find a list of all of the Ducati collection. could someone point me in the direction of the thread if there is one or help me build a list. I think I am doing quite well but not sure.

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  2. Plum21

    Plum21 Premium Member

    Alright dude what Ducati glasses do you have have you got any pics

  3. Ventruck


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  4. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Updated by cacatman on 15th March, 2018

    You called?

    If you have interesting information about Ducati versions or notice one I've missed, please leave a comment! Thanks!

    Ducati partnered with Oakley in 2003 - 2013.

    List of Ducati Models:-
    1. Crosshair 1.0 12-690 (2005)
    2. Crosshair New 004060-09 (2013)
    3. Dispatch 2 009150-13
    4. Fives 3.0 12-714
    5. Fives Squared 24-089
    6. Fives Squared 24-191
    7. Fives Squared New 009238-03
    8. Fuel Cell - 9096-09 Polished Black/warm grey Matte black/grey polarized
    9. Fuel Cell - 9096-44 Matte black/grey polarized
    10. Garage Rock 009175-12
    11. Gascan - Black frame with Ducati badge 12-744
    12. Gascan - Grey frame with Ducati badge
    13. Gascan - Sete15 12-713
    14. Half Jacket 12-640
    15. Hatchet Wire 12-691
    16. Hatchet Wire (Asia Fit) 12-691J
    17. Hijinx 12-789
    18. Holbrook - Nicky Hayden 009102-14
    19. Inmate 24-081
    20. Juliet - Carbon/BI 12-673 (2004-2009)
    21. Juliet - Carbon/BI 04-159 (March 2009-April 2011)
    22. Juliet - X-metal frame/BI 12-636 (2003-2004) - There were 2 generations of these
    Picture courtesy of "bomb oakley", CELSO LUIS (from O-forum.com) used with permission - Photos of all 4 rarities - JULIET CARBON DUCATI 1st & 2nd Gen, JULIET X-METAL DUCATI 1st & 2nd Gen.)
    List of All Ducati Collection Models - 20180314_160434_DSC01321.JPG

    23. Jupiter 24-196
    24. Jupiter 24-094
    25. Minute (Gen 2) 12-639
    26. Monster Dog 12-672
    27. Oil Drum 12-743 - Loris Capirossi "Public Relations" - Hardest one to get.
    28. Pit Boss 1 24-247
    29. Pit Bull 009127-15
    30. Pit Bull (Asia Fit) 009161-10
    31. Plaintiff 004057-08
    32. Riddle 12-715
    33. Riddle (Asia Fit) 12-715J
    34. Scalpel 009095-14
    35. Scalpel - Casey Stoner 00905-08
    36. Scalpel (Asia Fit) OO9134-08
    37. Scalpel (Asia Fit) 009134-10
    38. Split Thump 001-0029
    39. Square Whisker 24-197
    40. Square Wire New 12-742
    41. Square Wire II New 004075-07
    42. Straight Jacket 2007 24-002
    43. Straight Jacket New 12-637
    44. Straight Jacket II New (Casey Stoner) 12-790
    45. Valve 12-638
    46. Wind Jacket 009142-03
    47. X-Squared 006011-09
    48. Zero, New 12-664
    49. Zero, New (Asia Fit) 12-664J
    P.S. The Garage Rock and the Fuel Cell models are the only models in the Oakley range that have BOTH a Ducati AND Ferrari limited edition model. See pictures here.

    And the while the Oil Drum has 2 special edition Ducati versions, the Gascan has 3 special editions!

    See a few pictures here.

    List of RX Models:-
    1. Chamfer OX8045-03?
    2. Currency OX8026-0954
    3. Deringer OX5066-0652
    4. Deringer OX5066-0654
    5. Metal Plate Light 22-240
    6. Transistor 22-233
    7. Transister 22-236
    8. Wingspan 0X5040-0653
    If @Romeo Van Frogskinstein is still around, he could probably tell me what's missing.

    Have no idea who this guy is. Just some random O.F. dude who has narrow ankles, good taste in footwear, loves riding, prizm lenses....and maintains his anonymity. Last known picture of this dude was in May, 2016 with nothing after. Could be a drug dealer for all I know. Anyhow, I'm dedicating this post to YOU, buddy, seeing you dumped me into this thread....

    Last edited: 3/14/18

  5. RetinaBurn


    Where is Crosshair 1.0?
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  6. Mark Southwell

    Mark Southwell Premium Member

    thank you very much @cacatman you sir are the best list man around. Will have to start ticking off what I have. Not doing too badly, but not as well as I thought
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  7. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Added. Thanks for the head's up!

  8. Plum21

    Plum21 Premium Member

    I have 21 pairs got a few pairs to get only thought I had 5 pairs left to get lol cheers
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  9. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Yeah, there's quite a few tough ones to get, as well. All the best! Please tag me and post your pictures in the Oakley Collections area when you get all of them!!!

    P.S. Updated list with @Ventruck's epilogue.
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  10. Mark Southwell

    Mark Southwell Premium Member

    Cool glad it isnt just me getting some use outta this, i thought the Pit Boss was the grail Ducati piece, but the Oil Rig seems to be the hardest to get

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