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My parents are from Malaysia, my wife is Malaysian and my username is from a Malay word, so I thought I'd create this group just for Oakley collectors who live in Malaysia!

Maybe if you guys want, you can even try and organise an Oakley get together!! I mean, why should the Americans have all the fun there, there, there, there, there and especially in @OakleyFrankFMJ's castle? I'm going to be back in Malaysia at the end of July, so would love to catch up with some of you guys!

At the very least, you'll be able to find out who the other Malaysians are, lah!!

Please PM me if anyone else needs to be added to the list. I've tried to list as many of you as I can.

List of Malaysian Members (in alphabetical order)
  1. @AceCombat
  2. @Alan84
  3. @aTaN DaiNeSe
  4. @cacatman
  5. @CalvinS
  6. @chomeng
  7. @cueyouzach
  8. @danisha adriana
  9. @darwinshah
  10. @deadzid
  11. @dine89
  12. @FredOakes
  13. @izraasyraf
  14. @izzuddin
  15. @KhairiRobin
  16. @Kid
  17. @krokus99
  19. @lodnec codeino
  20. @Lucius
  21. @macakmy
  22. @mj373850
  23. @mocthebandit
  24. @nizamsary
  25. @Nosedive
  26. @Oakleo
  28. @sixx_speed
  29. @toxic
  30. @xmetal4eva

If You Want to Get "In" With A Malaysian, Use These Words and Phrases

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