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  1. Hando

    Hando Oakley Enthusiast

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    Hey, I know we don't generally like Aftermarket lenses, but this is kind of different. Not a huge selection of OEM 3d lenses to cut. If I'm not mistaken, you'd actually have to buy Gascans to get them... I'm sure there's other ways to get them.. I'm not aware, nor did I care to go through the trouble for some lenses that are extremely incredibly situational.

    I had a pair of Straight Jackets with some f'd up lenses. They were my go to beaters as they were completely authorized in Uniform. I've since replaced them with a pair of blenders. The Straight Jackets for me have been extremely comfortable to wear, and since I just acquired a new 3D TV I've had the problem of finding good, comfortable 3d glasses. The standard "come with the TV" ones just don't suffice. So I decided that the lenses in my straight jackets could be replaced by 3d lenses! So, off to ebay, and not too much money later, I've ordered and have now acquired and tried on my new Straight Jacket 3d Lenses.

    Clear, works great as 3d lenses
    Allows me the comfort of wearing one of my favorite pairs of glasses again (I believe they make 3d lenses for just about anything)

    Little loose in the orbitals
    Not OEM!

    I'd recommend them simply because of the sheer comfort of being able to use your favorite pair of glasses to watch a 3d movie. The price isn't shabby for something that again, is extremely situational. Shipped fast. The looseness irritates me a bit, but not enough to care, since, like I said, they were beaters and it's not like I watch 3d movies all day every day.
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