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  1. OakleyJared

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    I was in a Sunglass Hut the other day and they had some old stuff laying around that they were going to damage out. They had a box that had numbers crossed out a bunch of times. The original box says Twenty lenses and they look like them to me. I added a pic if someone could possibly help identify. They aren't Minute Gen 1 and SGH never carried lenses for Twenty (2012) version. so i think it is either Twenty or Minute Gen 2. Trying to verify to help Gecko out.

    Little Lens Help - f967dc7c-2dd2-4c3c-b4f9-489a8682163a_zpse30ccda1.jpg

    Little Lens Help - photo2_zps46a63406.jpg
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  2. They very well may be XX lenses. The cuts look right just from eyeballing my lenses and your pair, but I don't have a Minute to compare them with, and they are similarly shaped.