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Long time Juliet owner, Brand new addict!


"Yall play too damn much" - Q
Omaha, NE
Hello all, I am a long time Juliet owner (one pair, plasma/fire) since around 2000. However recently, that pair after two tune ups and a few lenses, was stolen out of my truck. So the search was on for replacements as I could not drive without Juliets! In the following three weeks I have acquired 3 Juliets and a 24k XX! The theft got me thinking... I need to stock up so I can wear these things for life! And thats now my goal. Below is a list of purchases (and just a little gloating on the steal imo)

Polished / BiP - 9 of 10. Paid fiat price on ebay
2 pairs Polished / Ice. Both good pairs, loose nose bridge and bad lenses. First is already at Xman's doorstep going to plasma / vr28. Second pair will probably go to him as well for his matte black. Havnt decided on lens yet. CL finds for $50 each!

And finally a second gen 24k XX! Solid 7/8 of 10. These are not exactly my style but for $100 I could not say no! I actually would like to trade straight up for a nice carbon/BiP juliet (once I get to 15 posts of course!)

I have enjoyed this forum for awhile, just finally have the real itch to join in! I will posts pics as I get some pairs cleaned up!

Oh! And I just picked a pair of Half X's for the wife! She's always complained about her cheap crappy shades compared to my Cadillacs! So that makes 5 x metals in 3 weeks! Shhhhhhh..... I know.:behindsofa:
:welcome: to the forum!

And, sorry about your stolen Juliet. That's kinda suck. But now you have more and good that you sharing the love with your wife.