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Looking For A Oakley Display Case

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I am looking for an Oakley display case. I believe the one I am looking for is called Oakley Mega Tower. Its a 6ft single wide case with 4 plexiglas shelves (5 total), and either 2 drawers or a door on the bottom. With light. Its the silver case not the black one.

If anyone has one that fits this description and they are looking to sell it off please let me know.

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eBay has them for sell. They run about 800-1000 ea with about 700 in shipping. I don't think anyone will sell theirs much cheaper.
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hey moved this to here. fits a little better here. good luck with your search i just picked one up got really lucky too
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Oakley display towers for sale. $450 each I have 2 displays 6 ft tall offical Oakley display case. Industrial all metal design Comes with locks and keys (picture shown above )
1 display case approx 15 "wide and 6 feet tall for $700 (not in picture)
contact #778-242-3987 saht79@gmail.com
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