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Looking for earsocks - 2006 Square Wire


Oakley Beginner
I have a pair of 2006 Square Wires that need new earsocks. I can find plenty for the 2.0 version (which I also own) but I haven’t found anything I’m confident would fit the 2006 model. Anyone know where I can find some? Thanks.
I browsed the exchange forum but didn’t see anything. Guess I missed it? Or do I need to post a want to buy thread? I’m aware of the post count and length of time requirements.
I have multiple for sale whenever you're ready to buy

Ok thanks. Guess I’ll be ready once I reach the minimum requirements for gaining access to the exchange area. Meanwhile I’ve gone down the rabbit hole reading/researching Juliets and X frames thanks to your suggestion. So hopefully I’m not ready to throw these away and buy multiple pairs of Juliets in 13 days. :D