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Looking For Splice Knowledge


Oakley Beginner
I have a pair of Splice with the FMJ frames and Blue lens and they have been a great pair for many years for me. I wear them regularly in the "rotation". I was looking at buying another pair, but since they are discontinued, they are harder to come by.
I did find a pair in a color I have never seen before, it looks like a burnt orange metallic frame, with an orange iridium lens. Are these rare, or just fake? I don’t see anything on the Oakley website (Google searches still return you to pages of old styles that you normally don’t see) that would suggest that these were a normal production color, or could they be a special edition that is long gone?
Any information you have would be helpful.
Depends on where you saw them (private seller?) and the picture quality. I have taken MANY pictures of my Oakleys (including Splice) over they years and with crappy lighting or a flash over exposure the colors can be deceiving in many cases. While I don't recall any even remotely similar to your description, they could be Platinum with Rootbeer and Gold Iridium lenses (SKU # 03-722) that have been poorly photographed... Best way to find out is to ask the seller what the SKU # is and look it up.

Below is an example (mine) of poor lighting of a Splice FMJ Crystal Blue with Ice Iridium... Do you see crystal blue? I dont...lol
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A good site i use to reference discontinued Oakley's is O-Review

While they're not 100% accurate all the time, they're pretty darn close and strive to have the most accurate information.

Does any of those models look/sound like the one you're trying to pick up?

Could it be the Rootbeer ones?

While i did choose my forum name to be "SpliceD", i don't consider myself an expert... but i do love the Splice and i currently own 3 pairs. So i guess i know a thing or two :)
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How do I upload or post a pic that is currently on my computer? My message board skills need some updating.
Turns out they were fakes. A poor copy of the Splice, as I suspected. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
Rippen said:
How do I upload or post a pic that is currently on my computer? My message board skills need some updating.

The picture needs to be uploaded to a site that hosts the pictures. A lot of people use photobucket.

Once you upload, take the address of the picture and enclose it like this:
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Hey guys need your help on this one. a friend of mine gave these Mint Condition Oakley Splice as a gift recently during the holiday season. As i for myself mostly i do only collect X-Metals (Oakley Juliet's to be exact) & not keen too much w/ O-Matters. BTW here's the photo of the Oakley Splice she gave me. the lens are kinda blusih/grey tint i guess.


My other friend who's also an oakley collector here informed that this a Back Country Store Exclusive. (whatever store that is).Besides i only own 2 oakley splice's the photo above & the regular FMJ/Blue version. For Oakley Splice collector's/connoisseur maybe you could I.D. it for me. TIA!

Looks like a standard Crystal Black/FMJ+/Ice Iridium Splice with the FMJ+ orbitals removed and replaced with the Black Chrome ones from the Polished Black pair. Quite simple to do too.