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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by Brettc10, 7/26/11.

  1. Brettc10


    Hey all I have a very Rare Oakley Medicine Cabinet that I might trade for an Oakley 2 shelf counter top display case.
    The cabinet has Brand new Plexi door and 2 new shelves. Also has a new lock. It is in great condition. I cleaned and replaced
    all of these pieces myself.
    I would expect the display case to be in the same condition.
    I would rather this be a local trade and not have to ship anything. Sorry.
    I am in the Los Angeles area. Also I will only trade it and NOT sell it. I am in no hurry.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. FearGearGarage


    FYI ~ Brettc...

    The Counter Display you seek commands quite a bit more on the open market than the Medicine Cabinet.... You may want to sweeten your pot some....

  3. Brettc10


    I know what they both go for. That is why if there is no interest then no problem. If someone really wants one of these medicine cabinets and they have a few of the others then maybe they would want to trade. If not I will find a counter top display, no problem. I know you have a number of displays, do you have both of these? This is one of the few I have not been able to find yet. I have a number of them (displays) myself. I do not think as many as you have tho. Thanks for the input.

  4. FearGearGarage


    I have both, the 28" counter top is far better for displayable space but the Medicine cabinet is a cool wall ornament. I wish you luck in your search, let me know if you ever want to trade anything (besides this, LOL) since you are local...

  5. Brettc10


    What would you be interested in for a trade of that Counter top Display? I can get just about any current glasses you may want? If you can still get them on Oakley's web site?
    Let me know if interested. PM me.
    Thanks again

  6. FearGearGarage


    Not looking to get rid of either of mine right now, ill let you know if I come up on one in the future.

  7. Brettc10


    Sure let me know if or when you may be interested in moving one. Thanks

  8. Dyeraudio


    Lets see a picture of the Medicine Cabinet......

  9. Brettc10


    PM sent

  10. yoshi1984


    id like a picture.

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