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  1. damanx

    damanx Oakley Beginner

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    About a month ago, I lost a set of Plasma's that I had gotten through a trade via another member. I think I left them on the tool box of my truck and left for work. Did not realize until about an hour later. They were nowhere to be found.

    I was pissed and heart broken. I really liked those glasses.

    Fortunately, I do have a backup set of the X-metal Juliets, but getting used to the polarized lenses took a while.

    Well, lo and behold, a local ad pops up on craigslist. A near mint set of Plasma's with Ice lenses. All with box, coin, cloth bag and coin. Even included the soft vault.

    As is what seems normal, I did wonder if they could be fake. No serial and no model number, but they could be warranty or just the generation that was not marked. (if i read correctly).

    Well, they are real, and I am REAL happy to have this set.

    Oh, the price......250, of which, 150 came from the sale of something I got for free.

    Will post pics when the camera battery is charged.
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