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Want to view this complete exchange listing and contact the seller before its too late? Become a Premium Member Today for instant access! Don't miss out!

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    Due to some issues that have come up in my life and me losing my job this past week, it is with a heavy heart that I have to sell my Oakley possessions. I never thought it would get to this point, but that's the way it goes and when you have other priorities collectibles are the first thing to go. Obviously this isn't truly everything I have, I will be keeping 2-3 pairs of glasses for daily wear.

    Flak Jacket black rubber kit, new, everything except large nose pieces. Classic pieces with "made in USA" printed, unlike the new pieces - $9

    Radar black rubber kit, everything except small size nose piece - $8

    X-Metal nose piece sets, new, size small and large, black or rootbeer. Fits X-Squared and Juliets - $6/set
    Lost My Job, EVERYTHING For Sale (PRICE DROP) - yqbi.jpg

    Romeo 1 nose piece sets, new, black - $15/set 1 SET LEFT

    X-Metal rubber set, new, size 25 temples and small nose pieces - $14

    Radar/Radarlock soft vault - $20
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    Microbags - $5 (large black white string, WILL DO 5 for $20), $4 (small black black string, WILL DO 5 FOR $16), $6 (small custom white), $10 (Switchlock), ASEC SOLD

    Various lanyards - $5/each (green lanyard sold)

    Stickers - $12 (Scotty Cannon, "dragon") $10 (large classic Skull) $8 (small classic Skull)

    Asian exclusive "Save 3 Children" wristband, with box, still in plastic - $22

    Square O Pop Card (approx. 5"x7" W x H) - $8

    One Icon cards, notice how it features the "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorious. Not rare but collectible, these were ordered to be destroyed by Oakley - $4/each

    Metal pop card holders - $10/each

    Oakley Adam Melling surfer poster, signed and in original plastic - $30

    SOLD ITEMS (items that have sold)
    Mars X-Metal with Black Iridium, purchased brand new from "eyeshadesman" on the Bay. Only tried on 2-3 times. These are factory tight and include spare large nose pieces and size 50 temple shocks. I am also selling them with an X-Metal Soft Vault that is in great shape, and brand new spare earsocks. Serial is M021895 -SOLD

    SGH Exclusive Team USA Batwolf Grey with Grey, like new with original microbag and accessory gunmetal icons. I am also including a London 2012 pin for a complete "Team USA package" - SOLD

    Holbrook Crystal Orange with Grey, like new with Square O microbag - SOLD

    Jupiter Squared Troy Lee SS Matte Black with Grey, brand new, glasses and microbag only - SOLD

    Splice Snow Goggles Peyote Block Text with H.I. Persimmon, like new never worn. Includes large white goggle microbag - SOLD

    Canopy Snow Goggle Pink Iridium lens, brand new in box - SOLD

    Impact tested lens from the Rolling O Lab - SOLD

    Holiday 2012 coozies - SOLD

    Various sealed microbags - SOLD

    M-Frame black rubber kit, new - SOLD

    X-Metal rubber set, new, size 15 temples and earsocks - SOLD

    X-Metal temples, (1) set of size 25 - SOLD

    Jawbone/Split Jacket black nose piece kit, new, small and large - SOLD

    Pro M-Frame soft vault - SOLD

    Small lens microbags - SOLD

    Lanyards - SOLD

    SI M-Frame 2.0 POP Card - SOLD

    Black leather zipper case - SOLD

    RARE Rolling O Lab T-Shirt (American Apparel "50/50" Shirt, 50% cotton 50% polyester, super soft, never worn and MADE IN USA! Size XL, forest green with yellow writing) - SOLD

    Asian exclusive "Sunday" sticker page - SOLD

    London 2012 pins - SOLD

    Oakley Vault store sign - SOLD

    Prices DO NOT include shipping, please PM me for a total price. I'd like to try to keep this in the states for now, just to avoid drama with international shipping. I feel my prices are fair, I did lose my job but we all know what stuff is worth. Please keep that in mind. First come first serve but if you lowball then the first person that wants to pay asking price will get it.
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    PM about Mars
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Pm'd about temple shocks 15's and 25's plus romeo 1 nose rubber
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    Sorry for the delay, all pics have been added. If anyone has any questions or wants more pictures let me know.

    I will try to respond to PM's as fast as I can. First come first serve for all of these items.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Juliet Enthusiast

    I'll take the Rolling O Lab bag. PM Sent.....
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Inside Outlaw. Staff Member

    Truly sucks abt the situation dude. I'm been on the fence abt the coozies, but I'll take a couple in this case, dropping ya a PM.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous 3D Printing Protege

    Pm me a price for all earsocks, size 15 shocks, and a set of Romeo nose bombs please sir
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    PM's sent out and responded to.

    I'm truly surprised by the response so far. I'm so glad that this is a tight knit community. :smile:
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Double Team

    So far things that are pending:

    Rubber (not sure which pieces yet)
    Rolling O Lab bag
    Two holiday coozies
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