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  1. GTDaveLo

    GTDaveLo Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I lost my Romeo 1's in Vancouver Airport (Canada not Washington) a while ago.

    I have the original box (with serial number on it) and my lenses were replaced with a prescription from my old optometrist in the Los Angeles area. I bought them brand new from Oakley Employee Purchase plan when I worked at Bikes USA in Georgia in 1997.

    I have since bought another on eBay (root beer color just doesn't suit me), but just wanted to throw it out there to see if there is a good Samaritan that would have found it. Get comments and compliments from true Romeo aficionados, but its just not the same pair I bought with my hard earned money from 97.

    I know its a shot in the dark, just hoping the Oakley Forum community might have some info.

    SN: 55449
    Frame: Grey
    Lens: Black Iridium (but replaced with non Oakley RX lenses)

    Willing to pay a reward, I just want my old glasses back :(

    Thanks Oakley community!

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  2. dragonvoi

    dragonvoi Dragonvoi knows xMetal. Premium Member

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    I will keep an eye out!