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  1. BigRich

    BigRich Oakley Expert

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    I've been trying to get iridium lenses for my matte black Pit Bulls with gray lenses, without much success. I called Oakley to see if they were going to get new stock on them or not. He checked and found they are discontinued, but offered to transfer me to the service department to see if there was anything they have around. The guy that answered Kevin understood what I was looking for and checked their service stock and found the iridium lenses are on back-order. He advised once in I would need to send in my pair to have the lenses swapped out, but he could not offer an ETA on the back-order and informed me the replacement process can take up to three weeks.

    He told me he wanted to check another option, he checked and then tells me Vault has bulls in crystal back/black iridium, for close to the same rice as the lenses would cost. I told him I had seen that and was going to do that option myself to put the lenses in my matte frames but every time they appeared there and I clicked them, the page was missing, as if they had sold out. He tells me that page comes up when stock is low to abut 3 pairs. He checked the inventory and told me there were 4 pairs available, and said he could process the sale right then, I was stoked and I made the purchase, and my new "lenses" are on the way. I can put the gray lenses from my matte black frames in the crystal black frames and be happy with that.

    Awesome customer service to do whatever he could to get me what I was looking for.
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  2. Nuum

    Nuum Oakley Enthusiast

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    I had the same good experiences with Oakley's customer service as well, Yes, they're really good and willing to help.
  3. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Copy this. On multiple occasions. Best customer service I've ever gotten from a company.
  4. fretburner79

    fretburner79 O-Educator

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    Same here. Replaced my juliet ducati lenses and red rubbers at no cost when in for a tune up. I didn't even ask for them. They just showed up pimped out.