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Brand new authentic Oakley lenses. All lenses pulled from a brand new sunglasses or ordered as a replacement service part.
Packing: OEM in plastic and foam bag.

Prices are lower like in my ebay store. You can check feedbacks and listings with photos under "musicsberta" username.

Shipping from Hungary:
Registered priority mail incl. USPS tracking $7 (10-25 business days to US)
Fedex $20 (3-5 business days)

More pieces for same shipping cost, and other discount over 5 pairs!

BlenderOO4059-02Black Iridium$40
BlenderOO4059-12Ice Iridium Polarized$60
BlenderOO4059-11Black Iridium Polarized$60
C wireOO4046-01Black Iridium Polarized$70
CaveatOO4054-21VR28 Black Iridium Polarized$50NWD (hairline scrtaches)
CaveatOO4054-15Jade Iridium$40
Conductor 6OO4106-09Sapphire Iridium$40
Conductor 6OO4106-05OO Red Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 6OO4106-01Black Iridium$40
Conductor 6OO4106-04Tungsten Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 6OO4106-02Black Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 6OO4106-10Prizm Black Polarized$70
Conductor 8OO4107-02Black Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 8OO4107-03Tungsten Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 8OO4107-04OO Red Iridium Polarized$60
Conductor 8OO4107-05Prizm Black Polarized$70
CrosshairOO4060-02VR28 Black Iridium$40
CrosshairOO4060-03Black Iridium$40
CrosshairOO4060-10Black Iridium Polarized$60
CrosshairOO4060-2261Prizm Black Polarized$70
TI CrosshairOO6014-02Black Iridium Polarized$60
TI CrosshairOO6014-01Tungsten Iridium Polarized$60
Daisy ChainOO4062-10Black Iridium$40
DeviationOO4061-04Ruby Iridium$45
DiecutterOO4137-0324k Iridium$40
DiecutterOO4137-01Prizm Black$50
DiecutterOO4137-02Prizm Ruby$50
DiecutterOO4137-04Prizm Sapphire$50
DiecutterOO4137-05Black Iridium Polarized$60
DiecutterOO4137-06Violet Iridium Polarized$60
Elmont LOO4119-1560Prizm Sapphire Polarized$70
FeedbackOO4079-09OO Black Iridium Polarized$60
FeedbackOO4079-27Prizm Daily Polarized$70
FeedbackOO4079-05Black Iridium$40
Gauge 6OO6038-0157Prizm Black$50
Gauge 6OO6038-0657Prizm Black Polarized$70
Gauge 6OO6038-0257Prizm Sapphire$50
Gauge 6OO6038-0457Prizm Ruby Polarized$70
Gauge 8 MOO4124-0457Jade Iridium$40
Gauge 8 MOO4124-1057Prizm Sapphire$50
Gauge 8 MOO4124-1357Prizm Ruby$50
Gauge 8 MOO4124-1157Prizm Black$50
Gauge 8 MOO4124-0257Prizm Black Polarized$70
Gauge 8 MOO4124-0657Prizm Sapphire Polarized$70
Gauge 8 LOO4124-1062Prizm Sapphire$50
Gauge 8 LOO4124-1162Prizm Black$50
Gauge 8 LOO4124-1362Prizm Ruby$50
Gauge 8 LOO4124-0462Jade Iridium$40
Gauge 8 LOO4124-0262Prizm Black Polarized$70
Gauge 8 LOO4124-0362Ruby Iridium$40
Gauge 8 LOO4124-0662Prizm Sapphire Polarized$70
Holbrook metalOO4123-03Black Iridium$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-02Positive Red Iridium$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-1324k Iridium$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-04Jade Iridium$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-19Violet Iridium Infinite Hero$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-14 Violet Iridium$40
Holbrook metalOO4123-06Prizm Black Polarized$70
Holbrook metalOO4123-07Prizm Sapphire Polarized$70
Holbrook metalOO4123-10Prizm Sapphire MotoGP$50
Holbrook metalOO4123-12Prizm Ruby$50
Holbrook metalOO4123-22Prizm Ruby Polarized$70
Holbrook metalOO4123-20Prizm 24k Polarized$70
Jupiter CarbonOO9220-03Tungsten Iridium$40
MoonlighterOO9320-16Prizm Sapphire$50
MoonlighterOO9320-11Sapphire Iridium Polarized$60
PlaintiffOO4057-14Ice Iridium$40
PlaintiffOO4057-13Fire Iridium$30NWD (hairline scrtaches)
Plaintiff SquaredOO4063-03Black Iridium$45
Plaintiff SquaredOO4063-09Black Iridium Polarized$70
Square WireOO4075-13Prizm Black$50
Square WireOO4075-05Black Iridium Polarized$60
Square WireOO4075-14Prizm Tungsten Polarized$70
TailendOO4088-01Black Iridium$50
TailendOO4088-02Ice Iridium$50
TailendOO4088-04Fire Iridium$50
TailendOO4088-03Prizm Daily Polarized$70
TailpinOO4086-01Black Iridium$45
TailpinOO4086-07Chrome Iridium$45
TailpinOO4086-02Jade Iridium$45
TailpinOO4086-11Fire Iridium$35NWD (hairline scrtaches)
TailpinOO4086-04Prizm Daily Polarized$70
TailpinOO4086-08Sapphire Iridium Polarized$60
TailpinOO4086-05Grey Polarized$60
TailhookOO4087-04Ice Iridium$45
TailhookOO4087-06Black Iridium Polarized$60
TailhookOO4087-02Chrome Iridium$45
TailhookOO4087-05Prizm Daily Polarized$70
TailhookOO4087-08Positive Red Iridium$30NWD (hairline scrtaches)
Tincan / Tincan CarbonOO4082-06Black Iridium Polarized$60
Tincan / Tincan CarbonOO4082-05Tungsten Iridium Polarized$60
Tincan / Tincan CarbonOO4082-09Ferrari Black Iridium Polarized$60
Tincan / Tincan CarbonOO6017-07Ferrari Ruby Iridium$40NWD (hairline scrtaches)
Tinfoil / Tinfoil CarbonOO4083-06Black Iridium Polarized$60
TwofaceOO9189-01Black Iridium Polarized$60
TwofaceOO9189-08Violet Iridium$40
TwofaceOO9189-04Jade Iridium$40
TwofaceOO9189-30Chrome Iridium$40
TwofaceOO9189-35Sapphire Iridium Polarized$60
TwofaceOO9189-20Ferrari Black Iridium$40
TwofaceOO9189-26Prizm Daily Polarized$70
TwofaceOO9189-11Ruby Iridium$40
TwofaceOO9189-37Prizm Black$50
TwofaceOO9189-40Prizm Tungsten$50
TwofaceOO9189-38Prizm Black Polarized$70
Two Face XLOO9350-10Prizm Black Polarized$70
Two Face XLOO9350-09Prizm Sapphire Polarized$70
Two Face XLOO9350-07Chrome Iridium$40
Two Face XLOO9350-08Jade Iridium$40
Two Face XLOO9350-04Violet Iridium$40
WhiskerOO4020-26-234Ice Iridium Polarized$80
Wiretap OO4071-01Black Iridium$45
Wiretap OO4071-02Ice Iridium$45
Wiretap OO4071Ice Iridium Polarized$60
WiretapOO4071-05Black Iridium Polarized$60
WiretapOO4071-07Emerald Iridium Polarized$70



Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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