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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Exchange' started by Anonymous, 12/5/18.

  1. Anonymous


    Brand new authentic Oakley lenses. All lenses pulled from a brand new sunglasses or ordered as a replacement service part.
    Packing: OEM in plastic and foam bag.

    Prices are lower like in my ebay store. You can check feedbacks and listings with photos under "musicsberta" username.

    Shipping from Hungary:

    Registered priority mail incl. USPS tracking $7 (10-25 business days to US)
    Fedex $20 (3-5 business days)

    More pieces for same shipping cost, and other discount over 5 pairs!

    Blender OO4059-02 Black Iridium $40
    Blender OO4059-12 Ice Iridium Polarized $60
    Blender OO4059-11 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    C wire OO4046-01 Black Iridium Polarized $70
    Caveat OO4054-21 VR28 Black Iridium Polarized $65
    Caveat OO4054-15 Jade Iridium $40
    Conductor 6 OO4106-05 OO Red Iridium Polarized $60
    Conductor 6 OO4106-01 Black Iridium $40
    Conductor 6 OO4106-02 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Conductor 8 OO4107-02 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Conductor 8 OO4107-04 OO Red Iridium Polarized $60
    Crosshair OO4060-02 VR28 Black Iridium $40
    Crosshair OO4060-03 Black Iridium $40
    Crosshair OO4060-10 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Crosshair OO4060-2261 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    TI Crosshair OO6014-02 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    TI Crosshair OO6014-01 Tungsten Iridium Polarized $60
    Deviation OO4061-04 Ruby Iridium $45
    Elmont L OO4119-1560 Prizm Sapphire Polarized $70
    Feedback OO4079-09 OO Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Feedback OO4079-05 Black Iridium $40
    Gauge 6 OO6038-0657 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    Gauge 6 OO6038-0257 Prizm Sapphire $50
    Gauge 8 L OO4124-0862 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    Gauge 8 L OO4124-0362 Ruby Iridium $40
    Gauge 8 L OO4124-0662 Prizm Sapphire Polarized $70
    Holbrook metal OO4123-04 Jade Iridium $40
    Holbrook metal OO4123-1955 Violet Iridium $40
    Holbrook metal OO4123-06 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    Holbrook metal OO4123-07 Prizm Sapphire Polarized $70
    Holbrook metal OO4123-1255 Prizm Ruby $50
    Holbrook metal OO4123-2055 Prizm 24k Polarized $70
    Jupiter Carbon OO9220-06 Ferrari Ruby Iridium Polarized $60 (small hairline scraches)
    Jupiter Carbon OO9220-03 Tungsten Iridium $40
    Moonlighter OO9320-11 Sapphire Iridium Polarized $60
    Plaintiff OO4057-14 Ice Iridium $40
    Plaintiff Squared OO4063-03 Black Iridium $45
    Square Wire OO4075-05 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Tailpin OO4086-01 Black Iridium $45
    Tailpin OO4086-04 Prizm Daily Polarized $70
    Tailpin OO4086-05 Grey Polarized $60
    Tailhook OO4087-06 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Tailhook OO4087-02 Chrome Iridium $40
    Tailhook OO4087-08 Positive Red Iridium $40
    Tincan / Tincan Carbon OO4082-06 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Tincan / Tincan Carbon OO4082-09 Ferrari Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Tincan / Tincan Carbon OO6017-07 Ferrari Ruby Iridium $40
    Tinfoil / Tinfoil Carbon OO4083-06 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Twoface OO9189-01 Black Iridium Polarized $60
    Twoface OO9189-08 Violet Iridium $40
    Twoface OO9189-04 Jade Iridium $40
    Twoface OO9189-30 Chrome Iridium $40
    Twoface OO9189-35 Sapphire Iridium Polarized $60
    Twoface OO9189-20 Ferrari Black Iridium $40
    Twoface OO9189-26 Prizm Daily Polarized $70
    Twoface OO9189-11 Ruby Iridium $40
    Twoface OO9189-3760 Prizm Black $50
    Twoface OO9189-3860 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    Two Face XL OO9350-1059 Prizm Black Polarized $70
    Whisker OO4020-26-234 Ice Iridium Polarized $80
    Wiretap OO4071-02 Ice Iridium Polarized $60
    Wiretap OO4071-05 Black Iridium Polarized $60

    Low price authentic lenses for sale (Crosshair, Conductor, Gauge, Holbrook metal, Tincan, Twoface..) - SAM_3259.JPG
    Low price authentic lenses for sale (Crosshair, Conductor, Gauge, Holbrook metal, Tincan, Twoface..) - SAM_3170.JPG
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    Good seller, (multiple purchases).

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