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  1. My new M Frame showed up today thanks to @OakleyBoss84 and while cleaning the lens I noticed something that I haven't seen on any other pair I've owned.

    While wiping a cloth moistened with cleaning solution over the front (outside) of the lens, the cloth glides freely and easily, just like every other pair of Oakleys I've owned. When I move to the back (inside) of the lens however, the cloth suddenly drags as if there is some kind of film or something present. It happens with both the grey and the clear lens, and only 1 of them has been treated with the anti-fog coating.

    Is there a known reason for this? It is something physically coating the lens, something special about the lens itself, or just something random to my pair? If the experts could chime in here I'd appreciate it, this is exactly the type of thing that drives me nuts until I understand what is causing it.
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  2. Sorry for the double post but through my own testing I think I may have the answer to this. It seems that anti-fog treated lenses don't play nicely with the Oakley cleaning kit solution. No matter how much I used the back side of the lens just wouldn't allow the cloth to slide smoothly. I switched to the cloth and anti-fog liquid that came with the array and everything went back to gliding as usual as I buffed the liquid back off the lens. My only conclusion is that these lenses must come pre-treated with the anti-fog on the back side of the lens, which is why both lenses were having the same problem even though I only applied to solution to one of them.

    If anyone else has more to add on this I'd be glad to hear it.
  3. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    This is correct. The 3.0 fit is slimmed down, with a slightly sharper rake. Add in the Agro lens shape and you choke off all of the ventilation for the lens. So the Agro lenses used on the 3.0 are anti-fog.

    I've seen some Industrial frames shipping with the Agro lens. Not sure if those are anti-fog as well.

    I was cleaning a 3.0 transition lens the other day and scratched off some of the anti-fog coating. I'm a bit miffed at myself. These lenses hold lint and dust more and are harder to clean, as you mentioned, but they really are better at handling fog.

    I absolutely LOVE my 3.0. They are the pinnacle of the M Frame evolution in my mind.
  4. brewc

    brewc Oakley Beginner

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    Ok I've missed this what is the 3.0 the M2?
  5. Rustpot

    Rustpot M Frame Lover Premium Member

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    No. The M Frame 2.0 and 3.0 are military specific pairs. The M2 Frame is the new one.

    M Frame 2.0 is styled after the Thump. Flat stems, and a ballistic clip. The 3.0 changes the fit a bit, and slims the stems down, increases wrap, and removes the rubber.
  6. I've got to agree, they are a bitch to clean.

    I wore them for 12+ hours today and I can say for sure they are miles beyond my work provided ones, but the ear stems do get uncomfortable after several hours of wear. Thankfully removing them and giving the places they sit a quick break and they are back to feeling good again.

    The anti fog on these is nothing short of amazing. I have to stand near 400°+ steam several times a day and with my old glasses I was all but blind until the steam cleared. The 3.0 didn't even hint of starting to fog in the same conditions, which is incredible to me. The 2 guys who work in my area even noticed without me saying anything and asked about the pair and how much they were.

    In hoping the more I wear them the more the arms will form to my head shape.
  7. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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    I'm glad those are working out for you.