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M Frame compatibility chart

Lenses are compatible across the 1,2 and 3rd gen m frames
The only difference is the SI and possibly ballistic frames

Naturally you may find slight variances on fit due to the huge time span in which lenses were produced, for example you may find a gen 1/2 lense is a little lose on a gen 3 frame or a gen 3 lense may be super tight or may not fit into a gen 1.
Great info!
If i find my Ballistic M Frame lenses (grey strike) won't fit the 2nd gen or pro M Frames i just hope they are tight. If they are tight I bet I can trim and modify.

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I’d say

Gen 1/2 and pro m frame lenses are compatible with eachother.

New m frames can use the lenses but they’re extremely loose (in some cases they do fit pretty good) most other times they fall off when you take the glasses off. But work for display purposes.

Ballistic 2.0 and 3.0 industrial m frames can use new m frame lenses as well .