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M-frame google RX-insert - third party


Oakley Beginner
I just learned about these RX-inserts that apparently will fit M-Frames. They are marketed as fitting safety glass Brand called ESS and M-Frames. ESS is a brand used my military, Police, fire responders etc. I normally wear contact lenses but always prefer to wear my RX-Radar-Oakleys, sadly they are falling apart after 14-15 years. I am interested to hear if anyone has tried these RX inserts?



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Not sure it fits every M frame lens.
You also need a special nosepad for that RX frame.
It was meant for SI M Frame 2.0/3.0 or Industrial M-Frame
Yes, I am getting some conflicting information and trying to get a straight answer as it seems most B&M stores did not stock this sort of item. I would need to do an online order. ESS shows the following information. I have two M Frames. I believe a first and second generation.


  • U-Rx Carrier - Holds Customized Prescription Lenses
  • ESS CrossSeries Eyeshield Adapter
  • ESS Profile NVG Goggle Adapter
  • Oakley M-Frame Eyeshield Adaper
  • Oakley SI Ballistic Goggle Adapter

I’m so surprised that these ESS RX-inserts aren’t better advertised as being compatible with certain M-Frames. I have those ones too.
The RX Nosepad grips the hook of the lens from both sides. I will have a look later and let you know it fit only SI and Industrial lenses or all M Frame lenses.
They are for Dust only. But would be nice if it could hold lenses.