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    ECUSPORTSADDICT Oakley Beginner

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    I'm wondering if it is possible to get a black "Oakley Icon" accessory to fit my m-frames. If so, where?
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  2. MaukaRunner

    MaukaRunner Oakley Enthusiast

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    Nope, they don't sell them as accessories. More than one person told me this in the past but I've never tried it. They told me to call Oakley Customer Service and tell them that the part fell off.

    What I would do, if you are handy, is to do the boiling water trick to remove the icons. If your frames are new it should be very easy but if they are old it still can be done but the adhesive will probably get messed up and you can't reuse it.

    After you remove the icon then spray them yourself and reattach.

    There are threads in the forum which explain better the icon removal process and painting process.
  3. armando rendon

    armando rendon Oakley Beginner Premium Member

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    i have some oakley m frame icon if you are still interested. gunmetal color only (black still) , i have many