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M Frames. How Many Different Versions?


Oakley Expert

I have talked to a couple CSRs at Oakley. several have said the current M-frame lens will not work in the older frames. My older M Frame lenses are loose in my RX M Frame and the RX lens will not even fit in the older frame..

Anyway, I want to get a Clear lens for a pair of M frames to use at work as safety glasses (up until I had contacts my RX glasses were fine)

So here is my OLDER M Frame:

Here are my Newer RX M Frames. I had gotten a new complete RX Frame 7/7/2006 so I am wondering if the current Lens will fit


They look current but how else can I tell?
I was playing around with my M Frame lenses, and yes the older verision is a bit more loose in a newer M Frame. But I seem to remember using newer lenses in an Gen 1 frame. I had a pair exactly like yours and unfortunately it cracked in the middle and could not be replaced (althought now that I think of it that may have been the reason for it's demise), I ended up with a Gen 2 carbon fiber print. There are only two verisions of the M Frame and any of the newer lenses will work with your Rx pair. I would use your Gen 1 sparingly as it's a bit more delicate than your Gen 2, plus it would be hard to replace.
Oakley is telling me the RX M Frames are not the current ones and that there was another tweak..

the RX pair really look like the current ones and all I want is a Clear lens for them.. ugh

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