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  1. Ventruck

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    Nothing too mind-blowing, but if anyone was interested in the subject...

    Since there's no separate M2 parts out yet, I asked CS if there were Asian Fit nose pads. They were very nice to send me a couple, but they were actually still standard pieces. So I contacted them again, and apparently as of right now, they share the same part number - so there might not be such a thing as an M2 Asian Fit nosepiece right now. I've peeped pics of Asian Fit M2's and they don't seem to run anything thicker either. I don't think my package was a set intended to have two sizes, as the shipping document states a quantity of 2 of the same part. From what I understand, I don't think even the original M-Frame has an Asian Fit nosepiece option.

    And so, I have 3 of the same nosepiece and had a go at things...
    M2 Asian Fit pad....hack job. - 5noMJ1K.jpg

    Ripped the Unobtanium pads off and looked to slip on Radarlock Asian Fit pads. There's a hard plastic (O-Matter?) loop underneath; I cut the lower end as seen in the photo to create a "hook". This just made more sense to me because if I cut the upper end there's no stop to prevent the pads from slipping up and off while the pair is on my face.

    I did try to take one of the spare nosepieces from O to find out if I could get away with that alternative approach, and maybe even glue the pads on, but the Unobtanium was fixed too well with the hard plastic. I went as far as trying to cut through both the Unobtanium and the hard plastic at the same time (where the upper end of the loop should be), but the Unobtanium wasn't going to slip afterwards and I was left with a fubar piece. Wasn't going to mess with the last nosepiece for the sake of having one fully intact in case both of these failed.

    And so with the 1st attempt, the added thickness is nonetheless there...
    M2 Asian Fit pad....hack job. - 1z8ujkO.jpg

    The difference, as predicted, is pretty small. There's virtually zero gain in terms of height, but it's setting everything a bit more forward making brow interference/clearence a bit improved, while the "bridge" of the pads has better contact with the face as well. As you'd predict, it feels a bit flimsy because it's not the proper mounting interface, but it's not sloppy on the face and thickness still has a presence. The pads aren't prone to slipping off the hooks either.

    I previously said I could get away with the original nosepiece, but I do prefer this setup because it feels more secure with the increased rubber contact and gives me the leeway to make goofy facial expressions. One minor complaint I had with the M2 is how prone it is to brow smudging, so that bit of added clearance is a plus.

    I hope O does make a legit nosepiece though. I have pronounced cheeks, but they're not the most pronounced. I can imagine the M2 being a flat-out, not-working option for some people. Even if the Asian Fit frames could accommodate a rounder face, they're not changing the curvature and spacing of the lens.

    M2 Asian Fit pad....hack job. - 5noMJ1K.jpg

    M2 Asian Fit pad....hack job. - 1z8ujkO.jpg
    Last edited: 11/18/14
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