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  1. german_navy

    german_navy Oakley Enthusiast

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    H there,

    is it possible to swap the wing of a M2 Frame?

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  2. Lexkempo

    Lexkempo Frog Fanatic

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    I would believe so, because when you order OCP you can have it any colour they have...
  3. Rcga32

    Rcga32 Oakley Collector

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    For OCP They install it there on a brand new frame. Hence they're not swapping them. Every time I've asked at my local Vault and O Store they've told me that no , they cannot be swapped (every M2 OCP I've done they've said : "are you sure? Cause once it's done,it can't be removed".
    However I would think there has to be some small pick like tool to unclip the wing from the inside of the arm. I recall seeing a different short thread about this a while back and someone mentioned it could be done...but I haven't attempted it myself.