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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by Leggo My Eggo, 6/26/17.

  1. Leggo My Eggo

    Leggo My Eggo

    I was wondering if anyone, with an asian like nose, had any luck getting their Madman to fit better? I saw the thread about using the Crossfit nose pad, but didn't know if there was a better way.

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  2. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ Premium Member Lifetime Member

  3. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Thanks for the tag, Uncle Frank.

    Apparently there are Asia fit nosepieces, but not all countries stock them.

    Not sure if the same principle can apply to the Madman, but @SecretNinja slightly bent his Badman nosepiece to fit, but (understandably), he doesn't take any responsibility if you stuff it up. See here...Intro and Badman Nose Piece

    If you manage to get it working, let me know!!! I'll do the same.
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  4. Leggo My Eggo

    Leggo My Eggo

    Any idea which countries have them? I dont think i wanna try bending the nose pad since i need it to be bigger.

    Idid try lightly pulling on the nose pad today but it didnt come off so im not even sure if they come off. If anything id like to try the Crossfit nose pad as they look similar. Maybe i'll take the Madman to my Oakley store and see if they can take it off
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  5. Luv012


    I was looking for one and I found one in Korea. But they don't ship overseas.

    썬스노우 [오클리 호환용 노즈 패드 (아시안핏)]

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  6. Leggo My Eggo

    Leggo My Eggo

  7. Leggo My Eggo

    Leggo My Eggo

    @cacatman so i might have a solution to our nose pad problem! I visited an Oakley store since i needed a new microfiber bag. Started talking to an employee since he noticed my Juliet. I asked if he knew any fixes to the Madman nose pads for asian fit and so he pulled off the nose pads to the Straighlink. They use the same pads and we confirmed by pulling off the nose pads to the Badman.

    I just put them on my Madman and they fit much better! The bottom of the Madman pads has a #3 while the Straightlink has a #5. The next time im out that way (hr drive), im going to see if they have an even larger nose pad.

    On a side note, he gave me 2 free microfiber bags and let me see his Ferrari Carbon Prime! Some guy returned them cause they didnt fit well and he bought them right after lol
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  8. justsayyes


    @Leggo My Eggo How do I remove the pads? Just gently pull them until they unseat?

  9. Leggo My Eggo

    Leggo My Eggo

    Yup. There are two posts that hold them in. Just pull up.
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  10. Linegear Japan

    Linegear Japan Platinum Forum Sponsor Lifetime Sponsor Premium Member

    Practical tip on "pull up". Just make sure to pull at the right place, not to damage the rubber like I did last year when trying to remove it. Will take a picture for you all to see later.

    Then I look at the 4 frames BM & MM we have: the consistency of the NP is the R for Right and L for Left... But the number seem to be not quite representing the size. Will surely take a picture of the NP next to the frame as evidence. And the good news, the NP of BM & MM are interchangeable!!
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