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I am Jim Janard's Cousin's Brother In Law
I understand that technically, Madmans aren't considered X Metals but, being that they are made of some of the same materials, can they be refinished and, who would and could do it. Just curious. Might have a project in mind if the price range is right.
I took a peek at his website. Wasn't too sure if he had a titanium or X Metal colored paint.
I believed the good doctor posted a picture of a Badman frame being converted to X-Metal color maybe a couple of months ago. That will be a good reference. Have you tried searching the forum for it?
I looked a little but, I thought it would just be easier to ask. Maybe he'll come across this post.
I can only assume "some of the same materials" means they have lenses and rubbers. Apart from that they don't share materials with the xmetals of the past.
Aluminum and O matter rather than titanium. Aluminum anodized would be a cool finish. The plastic hits are easy since paints adhere to the surface well enough. You can call it Radman!
Not open for further replies.

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