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  1. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    I had (unfortunately HAD) a pair of Pearl/Fire Mag Switches a number of years ago that had a 24K O icon on them if i remember correctly. When purchased off e-bay i remember them stating being some sort of limited edition, is this correct, was there such a thing?
    I can say i was an IDIOT as i had them in a front pocket of a button down shirt, while blasting down the 210 freeway on my Harley. I felt something kinda floating and felt them bounce off my leg and most likely on to the roadway, where they likely got run over and turned into many expensive pieces of magnesium and iridium....
    I replaced them with a regular pair or Pearl/Fire mags and another grey/blue iridium pair. I'm looking for a Black (carbon?)/Black Iridium pair to complete the set.
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  2. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I've not heard of a LTD ED Mag Pearl, O-Review does not indicate one either.
    I wore my Pearl /Fires yesterday and they are indeed awesome.
    Good luck finding the Carbon color, I had a tough time but got one from a forum member.
  3. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    Yeah, i've seen many grey/blue and pearl/fire on e-bay but not many carbon ones. They are neat glasses, it's amazing how light they feel.
  4. artsnletters

    artsnletters Guest

    Could someone have simply substituted a 24K Icon on one of these? I distinctly remember one being on there.
    Anyone have a Dark Carbide pair forssale?