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Mag switch value?


Oakley Expert
Do these have flex couplers like xmetals? Looks like it
they do and its plastic. if its in good condition and every rubber's complete then I go with @Wicked 's appraisal. Otherwise, be ready to spend a lot bringing it back to near its original. Things you need to consider when buying this....
1. Rubbers - complete? in good condition? its a pain to source replacement rubbers for this model. Valve 1st gen nosepads fits but it is also a rare model to use as spares. Earstem rubbers is near impossible to source, may need to customise.
2. Paint condition - this being Magnesium, its not straight forward stripping and re-painting. It can be done, but be ready for the cost.
3. Lenses condition - Its hard to remove and replace the lenses. To remove it, you need to sacrifice the old lenses coz you need to break them. Aftermarket lenses are not available as well but you can have custom cut lenses.
4. The Flex couplers - if they are very loose, will need to be replaced. And its like hen's teeth to find them. Very few people can replace them because sourcing is the main problem. You can't buy them off readily like the X-metal ones.

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Oakley Expert
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I hear these melt in the rain. That’s why I’ve stayed away from them. But a nice pair with box is around $200-250. But these are missing Icons and peeling and something funny is happening to the finish on the nosebridge so I would personally value them at $140.
Melt in the rain??

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