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Mailman!!! TF3 Coming Out On Friday!!!!!

These just came in the mail this morning! Perfect Timing for Friday's TF3 release!
I had slept on these for a LONG! LONG! Time,but i always wanted them. So i finally picked up MY pair.
I'm debating on the ice or ruby lenses??? I'll be using one of my matte frames to switch stems with.
I know y'all have had these for ever now...but i really do like this frame,alot....
great stuff.

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Do it classic 80's style. Do right lens Red and the left Blue :smile:

All jokes aside (unless you really want to do that), someone here already did the Fire Iridium. Maybe you could go the Ice Iridium route?
I saw the fire on here, (i thought it was ruby?) lol, and it looks fine, but i'm picking up those SGH Jawbones with the +red, so i was thinking Ice?

I really wanted to do ruby and ice...but i wasn't sure if that would be a hazard while i was wearing them.
I'm not sure if the tints are different while viewing threw them. Which would basically render them useless again -.-
According to Oakley.com, Ice, Fire, +Red, and Ruby are all different in terms of light transmission. It might be weird for your eyes if you really did do Red and Blue together.

I have Ice Iridiums in my Half Jackets and then picked up a pair of Ruby Iridium and now i'm in love with the Ruby. So Ruby is my vote. But if you already got the +Red and just want some contrast in your collection, then go with the Ice. To be honest though, +Red and Ruby are pretty different.
yea,i know they are,i would just rather have some OBVIOUS differences in my collection, just incase i want to sport them out B)
I'm pretty sure within the next couple weeks i'll just end up getting both sets of lenses anyways.... lol.
I'm probably going to go ICE first....
I'll post pics when i pick up the lenses! and! i remember seeing a youtube video of someone doing an ice and ruby combo.
I'll see if i can find the link in a bit!