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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by -=Jeff=-, 9/26/11.

  1. -=Jeff=-


    I received my Juliets that I purchased from xmetalmaniac

    they look BRAND NEW!!

    X metal with Rootbeer Socks and Nose Bombs (They looked black at first)

    Ti Iridium lenses, Which are WAY different then I am used to, once the Sun Shows itself again I will have to try them out.

    Pics to follow when I get a moment

    Now I have a pair of Juliets to go with the XX Metal Juliet coin I have :)

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. Razerwire


    I'd disinfect them if I were you. You never now where there were on his body. :p

  3. -=Jeff=-



    NO pictures tonight, maybe tomorrow

  4. -=Jeff=-


    Quick picture I took at work.. Hoping I can try them out today
    Mailman Was Good To Me Today - 2011-09-27_10-46-50_62.jpg

  5. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    sweet dude. . .
    nice pair juliet! you wanna customize the glasses or use it in this combination?

  6. -=Jeff=-


    I am going to try these out as they sit. Might get a Vr28 Black Iridium Polarized for them or some other flavor lenses..

    I had to get my X Metal XX out to actually see the rootbeer color Nose bombs and ear socks, at first in the lighting they looked black

  7. SpliceD


    Black is easy to get, but if you can get em, i think White earsocks would look SICK with the Ti lenses.

  8. -=Jeff=-


    I like the combo I have currently. I wore then at lunch today and it takes some getting use to the lens (I always have had Black iridium)

    one thing I am not sure I like though is that since the lens is smaller i don't get 100% coverage, there is about a 1/4" gap on lower side that I can see.

    Hopefully I can adjust to it. I guess this is why I bought my X Metal XX back then

  9. bouncing_boy77


    black or ruby iridium would look great on those frames. congrats!

  10. -=Jeff=-


    Yeah not sure what I will try in them yet, Like I said I will try the Ti lens for a while.

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