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Major Dilemma


Oakley Enthusiast
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Chicago, IL
well i wanna get some of your guys feelings on this, do i pop for a case or do i pop for some Pit Boss's. i can pick them both up for about 300. it would be a single tower and would be awesome since ive been looking for one forever. but i also dont wanna miss out on some pit boss's. what do you guys think??
there are loads of pit bosses for sale but not many towers, i'd grab the display case if it were me, then next time you have money there will be some more cheap pit bosses to put in the tower
No doubt about it, get the tower! If you can get a tower and not have to get it shipped that's even better. It took a while for me, but I waited and was able to find a single and double wide locally. It was nice not to have to pay for shipping or drive a bunch of hours to get. Romeo is right, there will always be Pit Bosses of sale. Post pics, please!
oakleyguy7 said:
thats what im thinking. i feel like the tower is better choice since it will be something i really want too

and besides, a tower is a lot more substance to show for your money than some plasticy pit bosses, don't get me wrong i have a pairt in regular use but a tower will benefit your whole collection, go for the tower :D
thanks guys! ive gone with the case. im just waiting to get it. should b about a week or so. here is the pic i was given. ill get some pics up once i get it and have it filled with some of my gear!

Yea man you did go with the right choice, the tower's are hard to find and a great pick! Pit boss will come down the road! Love the case!